Families of entrepreneurs do exist.

Families who create a company together are more unusual.
Families who create several companies together are rarer still.
This is what we have done with Skyness, having created Kretz & Partners.

Our first company: Kretz & Partners

Kretz & Partners is our estate agency, founded in 2007. After five years it was the leading estate agency in Boulogne. An agency created by an enterprising family. We have carried out over 150 hours of drone flights for our agency. As soon as we shot our first videos, we saw an impact on sales.

This is why we decided to create Skyness, a drone services company. There were many challenges: investing in a fleet, the requirement for pilot training and the strict regulations. But we were right to believe in the business. Today, the services of our drones are unbeatable. 



Our new ambition: Skyness

We define ourselves as a company of local aerial scouts.
Scouts have an acute sense of observation. Experts in the art of movement, they are chosen for their local knowledge. We are now experienced pilots. We know the terrain, the region, the needs of our clients and the constraints of the property sector. We know how to get the right data and extract its meaning.


Today, we have:

a fleet of professional drones able to carry out any type of mission, a mobile team of responsive, certified pilots and an arsenal of up-to-date software controlled by our analysts.

Our scouts are commissioned to work over short distances of up to 1 km, offering industry, government bodies and individuals viewpoints that only drones can provide. Our missions range from simple aerial views to 3D modelling using photogrammetry.

Our success is based on a combination of three skills: understanding the requirements, expert piloting and mastery of the technology and data manipulation.