Structural inspection

Plan your maintenance in high definition

Property managers, loss adjusters, local authorities and contractors can increase their efficiency thanks to our drone inspections.

The precision of our drones means we can identify possible cracks, leaks and water ingress and check fixings. Inspections of building façades before renovation, the roofs of municipal buildings or monuments, checking the state of roads before sending in the heavy machinery or the condition of a building before works begin. Example applications are many. Using drones, you can quickly carry out a building survey, a property asset review or a record of damage.

Geotagged measurements enable recurring inspections. This means you can easily plan your site maintenance.

Our drones can operate in in accessible areas at heights that are often dangerous. This avoids the need for more traditional and costly methods (cranes, helicopters, scaffolding) for inspecting sites.


Structural inspection


  • Surveying existing buildings

  • Thermal imaging

  • Promotion of urban development

  • Structural inspection

  • Site monitoring